Dr. Sedwick trained at Duke
Medical School, Univ. of Florida
and Washington University, St.
Louis, MO.  She is a fellow in
NANOS,  the North American
Neuro-ophthalmology Society.

Dr. Sedwick's executive
assistant Karen will help you
with all aspects of your
appointment making and
whatever subsequent testing is
In practice in the Orlando area for over 25 years,
Dr. Sedwick can be reached at 407-951-8878.
(FAX 407-951-8879). She sees patients by
doctor-referral only.  She is on many insurance
panels including Aetna, BCBS, CIGNA and United
What is Neuro-ophthalmology?
What is a Neuro-ophthalmic evaluation?
If you are coming for a first time appointment, please feel free to bring someone
with you to drive if you are uncomfortable driving with your eyes dilated, or have
someone on call for you.  Ours is a small office and we ask that you not bring the
entire family to your evaluation, and especially no small children, but feel free to
bring one or two relatives/friends to listen to the explanation, etc.  You should
expect to be in our office at least l 1/2 to 2 hours, and often a lot of that time will be
spent talking with Dr. Sedwick.  You will find that the examination is much like a
regular eye examination, with other special tests done as needed depending on
the reason for your referral.  IF you develop a cold or flu before your scheduled
visit, please do reschedule.  
IMPORTANT:  PLEASE DO BRING all MRI and CT scans that having anything to do
with your reason for referral, even if years old.  The actual scan pictures (in LARGE
envelopes) are preferable to CDs as often Dr. Sedwick cannot open/view the CDs
and therefore cannot evaluate their content or quality.
PLEASE DO bring a list of all physicians treating you, full names, addresses and
phone, to help us get reports to the physicians involved in your care.
PLEASE DO bring your insurance card and driver's license.  Although we
endeavor to verify your benefits ahead of time, if we cannot do that until you arrive,
please advise us if you belong to an HMO and recognize that preauthorization is
mandatory for the visit to be covered, and this is your responsibility.
PLEASE DO bring any and all old medical records you have regarding the
condition for which you are seeing Dr. Sedwick.  They will be returned to you.
We will be happy to accept Master Card, VISA, American Express, cash and for
return patients personal checks for your co-pay or office visit charge.
LAST, NOT LEAST, please do click on "New Patient Forms" for forms you can print
out and fill out at home and bring with you to your first visit.
Lyn A. Sedwick, M.D.

Neuro-ophthalmology can be defined as the study, diagnosis and care of
disorders and diseases behind the eye and/or in the brain that affect the eyes or
vision.  Specific diseases that may merit neuro-ophthlamic evaluation include
multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain trauma, brain tumor, pseudotumor cerebri (also
called intracranial hypertension) and thyroid eye disease, although there are
many others.  Symptoms that may prompt referral to a neuro-ophthalmologist
include loss of vision, double vision, headache, eye and/or periocular pain.  Signs
on examination that may lead to referral include swelling or paleness of the optic
nerves, pupils abnormalities, and protruberance of one or both eyes.  Your
referring doctor is the best person to decide whether you might benefit from
neuro-ophthalmic referral.
Central Florida Neuro-ophthalmologist
Her address is 1400 S. Orlando
Avenue, Suite 310, Winter Park, FL
32789, in the Winter Park
Professional Building at the corner of
Hwy 17-92 and Garden Street