1400 S. Orlando Avenue, Suite 310   PHONE: 407-951-8878
Winter Park, FL 32789                              FAX:     407-951-8879
THESE ARE FAQs--see whether we answer yours.....
Where exactly are you located?
"South Orlando Avenue" is also Highway 17-92 and the continuation of
Mills Avenue.  We are in the southern tip of Winter Park on this road,
near to Mead Gardens, Lombardi Seafood and not far from the Orlando
Art Museum (about 1 mile south of us). See "How to find us/Maps" for
more information.

What happens in a neuro-ophthalmic exam?
This is much like a traditional eye exam, but often with extra tests as
needed.  A good deal of time is spent talking to the patient before the
exam begins and then to explaining findings and further testing
recommended at the end.

Why am I being referred to Dr. Sedwick?
Your referral doctor is in the best position to answer that although, in
general, patients see Dr. Sedwick for loss of vision, double vision, pain
around the eye, and/or suspected neurologic disease causing visual

Will my eyes be dilated?
YES, so bring someone with you to drive if you are uncomfortable
driving after dilation or don't know whether you can comfortably drive
after dilation.

Why do I have to obtain records from other physicians before my exam?
Because we can't.  Privacy laws do not allow us to request information
from other doctors until you have been seen as a patient.  Dr. Sedwick
will do the best job for you if she has the information she thinks is
necessary when she sees you.
IF you have other questions you would like answered before
seeing Dr. Sedwick, feel free to call and ask us at 407-951-8878.
Frequently Asked Quesions
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